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All dog-breeders should, of course, breed responsibly, that means only with dogs who are healthy. No one should multiply the number of unwanted dogs in the world. Therefore, everybody who wants to breed should, before he breeds, look for buyers and be sure that he has found  the right person for the right dog. 

From good Canaan-friends in England, Ellen and Richard Minto, who have much more experience in breeding than me, I pass on their advice and experience with buyers. Many breeders of Canaans, in England, Finnland, Italy, Switzerland and Israel give information about Canaans on their websites, which can be found in my links.

Ellen and Richard are telling their buyers:

If you decide you would like to go onto our waiting list please do not be offended when we question you. We do our best to explain to everyone that even if you are on our waiting list it does not guarantee you will get a puppy. We do our best, based on the information you give us, to match the right puppy with the right family. In some instances, the right puppy may not turn up in a particular litter. We feel very strongly that it is important to try to make a match that will be a happy one for the dog as well as the owners. We can only go by our gut feelings and the information you give us, so it is important that you tell us the truth. We don't always get it right, no on does, but we feel our record of match making is pretty darn good!

As a puppy buyer you have every right to ask us questions. But we too have the right to question you as we wish only the best for both our puppies and our buyers. So what do we require of you?

    We require that you believe us. You would be surprised as to how many people just will not believe that the Canaan Dog is not like other dogs. In our experience it is often the "doggy people", people who have had dogs for years and "know everything" who make unsuccessful Canaan owners. In our many years of experience with Canaan Dogs (since June 1984), first-time owners are more likely to listen to what we have to say, and thus be successful Canaan owners. Please don't think of getting a Canaan Dog if what you want is an outgoing, social dog, as most are not. Please do not think of getting a Canaan Dog, if what you want is a Golden Retriever-type temperament. You shouldn't marry someone thinking you can change them. You shouldn't buy a particular breed of dog thinking you can change it.

    We require that you educate yourself about the breed---it is for your own benefit!. This site offers links to most of the other Canaan Dog sites. There is a lot of information to be had. Access it, read it, digest it. Speak to other breeders. The acquisition of a puppy is an important decision, and the decision to acquire a Canaan Dog takes more thought than many breeds.

    We require that you be honest with us. Tell us where you heard about the breed and why you think it would be the right breed for you. If it is to be a family dog, does everyone in the family want it? Do you have the time and inclination to socialise and train your Canaan properly? Are you financially able to take care of a dog? (Remember, the purchase price is only the beginning. You must feed the dog properly and take it for its regular veterinary checkups and vaccines.) What do you envision doing with your dog?..hiking?..obedience? agility? show? breed? sitting around the house? The more information you give to us, the easier it is for us to help you, even if it may mean guiding you to a different breed altogether.

    We require that you keep in touch with us if you do get one of our puppies. This doesn't mean you have to ring us every week, but from time-to-time we like to know if all is well. We also want you to contact us if any problems do develop.

It's not a big list, but it is an important one as we feel it will help us find the right homes for our Canaans. We put a lot of love and effort into raising these special creatures and we cannot, in good conscience, let them just go anywhere.

Please be assured that if we feel you are not the right person/family for one of our dogs, it does not necessarily mean that you would not make a good dog owner. It just means that we do not feel a Canaan is the breed that would make you happy.

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